Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Intro

Welcome, dear reader, to my blog. Let me give you a quick orientation to this awesome and marvelous place:

This is my blog. (Oooooo…)

This is my first entry. (Aaaaaaah…)

Yes, it is pretty cool, isn’t it? To the right, you can read all about me in my profile. Yes? You in the back? No, I don’t really wear glasses like that. Thanks, I like them too.

And if you’ll direct your gaze to the top, you will see the title, something about my crazy friends… yep. They’re pretty cool. You’re sure to hear a lot about them, or rather, from them even, as I’ll be quoting their noteworthy words in the weeks to come. Words like, “Ba-nah-na,” or “Lookin’ for a nerd on a bike,” or my all-time favorite, “Life is so much easier when you’re not stupid” (compliments of grandpa). But I’m getting ahead of myself. Mustn’t give away the stories, must I? For now, you’ll just have to wait and see what I put up here. Who knows, you may even find yourself in one of my posts… bwahaha.


  1. I think this is gonna be interesting, haha it reminds me of my friends.

  2. I love your blog Becka!!! It rocks and so do U!! I love how u totally put your personality in it!

  3. I think it is hilarious when Rebecca(also known as my older sis) says crapomolian when something goes wrong , so much that now I say it too!