Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Biebs...

So, I know its been forever since I've posted, but I recently saw something online that was simply too good not to share. So... I'm back... Hi.

And my inspiration? Brace yourself.

Think poorly of me if you wish, but I am not ashamed. I. Love. This. Song. So much. Even better is this awesome cover of it: 

For real, guys. How can you hate that? Just don't. Life's too short to hate, you know? And it makes me happy, which is definitely good for something. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brilliant Plan, Watson

Guess what, folks? I'm signing up for a 5k! Yay! So, for all you hard-core runners out there, I know a 5k isn’t anything ridiculously impressive. But you know what? For a girl who hasn’t run a race since sophomore year of high school, a 5k is a big deal. And I’ve been super unmotivated to exercise at all lately, so I figured signing up for a race would pretty much force me to run, come hell or high water (although hopefully neither of those things happen).

I guess I'm going to be running out and around the town a bit more now- just like these guys!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Big 4

When it comes to music, I’m not super picky. I tend to appreciate most music, as long as it isn’t something super trashy, and even then, Kesha and LMFAO have their place now and then. But then there are those artists that I LOVE. It’s a good day when I hear them, and an even better day when I discover something by them I haven’t yet heard. My heart has a little niche that these artists claim as their own, and they’ll probably be there until the day I die. ‘Cuz I love ‘em, I really do.

The Eagles

I have my dad to thank for my love of these guys. As a kid, my family took a lot of road trips, and The Eagles were the typical music of choice for my father. So I grew up listening to their soulful harmony, and thoughtful lyrics.

Regina Spektor

Why am I such a Regi fan? This girl’s got mad skills. She has a versatile range of lyrical ability, ranging from light and playful to deep and introspective. Her music, to me, captures a lot of humanity. This is one of my favorites by her:

Janelle Monae

This girl is the artist I wish I could be, but I’m just not cool enough. She’s got class, she’s got personality, and an awesomely unique music style that’s all her own. She dances like a master, and writes her own cinema-worthy music. She’s the whole, genuine package.

This is the first song of hers that got me hooked:

And just in case you don't get how cool she really is:

Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty

If I were to marry a musical artist, it would be Rob Thomas (woah, not really people. It’s an expression). His music has the power to make my knees weak, and sing to my soul in such a way that leaves me in tears. It’s ridiculous. I guess he’s kind of my celeb crush, mostly just cuz I relate to his music really well. Here's a spin on one of my fave songs of all time:

Pretty awesome, eh folks? What are some of your favorite artists? I'm always on the lookout for something new and exciting.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And Wednesday's Child is... Oh Crap.

Like most girls, I sometimes entertain myself by imagining what names I like for my future children. The list changes periodically; new names added and others taken away for diverse reasons. My favorite name of late? Wednesday. As in, “this is my daughter, Wednesday (Smith/Jones/etc),” or “Wednesday, come on down for breakfast! You’re gonna be late for school!” Yep. It’s a beautiful name. Sadly, I’m afraid it can never be. As my dad so thoughtfully pointed out the other day, my sweet, adorable daughter would be sharing a name with this distinctive public figure:

And while Wednesday Addams is a lovely little lady, I don’t know if she’s the person I want my daughter named after.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll name her that anyway. Unless they make a remake, the Addams family should fade into some kind of obscurity, right?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


IT SNOWED!!! And it's about time, too. This has been kind of a weird winter. Salt Lake City didn't get any snow for the Holidays; yesterday I went jogging in a short-sleeved t-shirt. How ironic is it that the year I decide to embrace the snow, the snow doesn't come until its practically spring time? Just when I was about to give up on winter altogether, this morning I woke up to see a crisp blanket of snow on the ground. FINALLY! Visions of sledding adventures, snow-shoeing hikes and snowball fights danced in my head as I sat at work today.

Imagine my delight, then, when my friends texted me this afternoon asking the all-important question:

Wanna go Sledding?


Yep, I definitely made this face.

So we went! The snow was a little melted by the time we got there in the afternoon, but we found a little corner of the park where the snow was still fresh and frolicked the day away. We had distance competitions and snowball fights. Our friend Dave even made little snowmen for us to aim for and crash through.

It was such a good time. And to top it all off, I ended the day with a chocolate shake with brownie chunks (you may think it weird that I get ice cream after playing in the snow, but trust me- chocolate shakes with brownie are delish no matter how cold you are).

And this is just an awesome video I found about snow. I relate to the cat on so many levels in this clip. My favorite part is at 1:05.