Monday, November 7, 2011

Car Dance Party!

I’m driving in the car when the song comes on.

“Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame…” Bon Jovi’s voice ricochets from my car speakers. “Darlin’ you give love a bad name.”

What follows is a car jam session as all jam sessions should be- windows rolled down, volume cranked up, and the wind making chaos of my hair. It's the kind of jam sesh that causes the older lady in the car next to me to roll her eyes, and makes high school kids I pass by to start making fun of my dance moves. But I don't care. Right now, the song is all that matters. Everything else- the stresses of homework, the thoughts of dinner, the worries of work, can all wait- because music is just that awesome.

Don't let the sparkly pants and frizzy hair throw you off- the song is fantastic.

Apparently I'm not the only one who dances in my car.

Are you jealous of car dancing yet? Perhaps you'd like to learn how. Lucky for us, Boris and Juri can show us the moves:

See? They even car jam in Moscow! I'm not that weird, right? Right?

Okay, so maybe car jamming may not be your thing. But everybody's got a song that makes them wanna dance, or at least tap their feet a little bit. What's yours? I'd love to hear from you!

This epic jam is made possible by good friend Wendy True, who introduced me to Bon Jovi in high school and, in so doing, opened up the fantastic world of 80’s rock jam sessions. This one’s for you, Wendy, who for all your sweetness can rock out with the best of them.

PS- So for my writing class I got to write/design/publish a website. How cool is that? Click HERE to check it out.


  1. Rebecca J,
    I laughed at your post about car jamming! I think every teenage girl knows what car jams are all about! I miss having these in my car, I think after reading this post they are about to come back to into my life! Your blog is fun and unique!

  2. Heck yes!! I think u and I becca have had quite a few of these expieriences, HUH! I love Car dancinG!( and the looks i get when I do)

  3. I love the second video you uploaded! and I also loved your website. I don't drive that often, but this post kind of reminds me of that songs I listen to while I am driving.